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Two killed in Baglung landslide

BAGLUNG, AUG 24 - Two people have been killed in landslide triggered by incessant rainfall at two different places of Baglung district. The landslide at Adhikarichaur-4, Okhareni of the district, on Saturday night, claimed the life of one Nim Bahadur BK, 19, while he was asleep in a shed. Likewise, one house was swept away by another landslide at Hugdishir-3. Jitendra Pun, 13, son of Tul Bahadur Pun was killed by the landslide en route to hospital for treatment after being rescued in an injured state, informed the information officer of the District Police Office Shailendra Khadka. Although, the landslide completely destroyed Pun's house, other members of the family are safe.

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