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Draft constitution brews new conflict: Chairman Yadav

Draft constitution brews new conflict: Chairman Yadav

July, Parsa : Chairman of the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Upendra Yadav, has warned that the first draft of the new constitution brought against democratic norms would brew new conflict in the country.

At a press meet organized by the Madhesi Journalists’ Association at Biragunj today, Chairman Yadav argued that the draft constitution brought in line with the 16-pont agreement among the four major political parties was against the principles of federalism, inclusiveness and proportional electoral system which would end to instability , corruption and vicious circle of conflict.

He further said it was the four-party syndicate trying to usher the country into new phase of conflict.

The Chairman was of the view that the only constitution addressing the issues of the Madhesi, indigenous, Dalit and backward community could help free the country from transition, thereby leading the country to peace and stability. RSS


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