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Lawmakers demand Rs 50 million per constituency under CDP

Lawmakers demand Rs 50 million per constituency under CDP


KATHMANDU, JUL 09 – Cross-party lawmakers have pressed Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat to allocate Rs 50 million to each constituencies under Constituency Development Programme (CDP). The amount released under CDP would be spent under the supervision and choice of lawmakers .

The lawmakers have made such demand at a time when there are reports that budget allocated in the name of lawmakers in their electoral constituencies have been misused in several districts.

The government began to allocate Rs 10 million to each constituency through CDP from the last fiscal year. But the government has been providing some cash to lawmakers after the 1996 parliamentary election.

Though the government provided Rs 1.5 million under this heading, the lawmakers are demanding 50 million for CDP and 10 million for them to spend according to their choices.

A team of lawmakers have submitted a memorandum to Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat demanding to provide 50 million for constituency development project and 10 million for lawmakers . Former Finance Ministers Bharat Mohan Adhikari and Surendra Pandey and lawmakers from major parties are pressing the government to allocate more budgets.

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