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Aug 25, 2015- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with Prime Minister Sushil Koirala over telephone on Tuesday to express his sadness at the loss of lives in Monday’s violence in Kailali district.

In the telephone conversation, PM Modi extended his condolences to the families of those who died in the brutal incident of Tikapur, according to a statement issued by Indian Ministry of External Affairs.
Prime Minister Modi expressed concern that political and social instability would seriously compound the tragedy caused by the recent earthquake in Nepal.

“Modi called for exercise of restraint and restoration of peace and order. He appealed to the government, all political parties and the people of Nepal to eschew violence and maintain social harmony,

Lauding the historic progress that Nepal had made in the peace process and drafting its Constitution, the Indian prime minister reiterated the message that the political leadership of Nepal should resolve all outstanding issues through dialogue between all political parties and through the process of widest possible consultation, including with the public, so as to strengthen the climate of trust and confidence across and between all sections of society, and arrive at solutions that reflect the will and accommodate the aspirations of all citizens of a richly diverse society within a united, peaceful, stable and prosperous Nepal.

Prime Minister Modi also conveyed that, as a neighbor, India would do all it can for security in Nepal.

Prime Minister Modi assured Prime Minister Koirala that India’s one and only desire was to see the emergence of a peaceful, secure, stable, democratic and prosperous Nepal, which draws strength from its rich social diversity, enormous resources and extraordinary talent. He reiterated that India will continue to provide all support to Nepal, in accordance with the wishes and priorities of the people of Nepal, to achieve that goal.